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Gene Expression Data Analysis Suite

This website describes about the design and development of GEDAS software. The software, modules, trademarks and registered trademarks wherever applies are gratefully acknowledged. Aspirants who need the source code (<1.5 MB) free of cost or intending to add more features to the software may contact T. V. Prasad directly at [email protected]. The software is a freeware, however, it is mandatory for all users to mention the copyright as follows:

Prasad T. V., Ravindra Babu P. and Ahson S. I., "Gene Expression Data Analysis Suite (GEDAS): A software tool for analysis of microarray gene expression data", 2004, available at http://gedas.bizhat.com

Copyright reserved with the authors - T. V. Prasad, P. Ravindra Babu and S. I. Ahson, 2004